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Brian Mahoney

Brian Mahoney

  • Growth
  • Credora

Brian has been building in the crypto space for 6+ years across a variety of financial infrastructure companies & protocols. Throughout his career he has held a number of roles at the intersection of finance and technology, specializing in helping startups iterate toward product-market-fit-scale (“the inflection point”).

Currently, Brian leads growth at Credora, a private credit oracle network, and is the cofounder of Alkemi Network. Previously, he led Corporate Development at AlphaPoint, a digital asset exchange infrastructure provider, and was a “tradfi” guy, with roles at ARC Fund, Reitler Advisory, HSBC Bank, and Lazard. Outside of his regular defi degen activities, Brian can be found building communities, discovering the latest in rap music, practicing thermaculture, and thinking about the future of the world.

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