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2022 Agenda

We are designing a unique gathering where participants will be solely focused on the consequential decisions that will determine the future of the most exciting financial migration in human history.

Day 1 -

Check In Opens

Welcome Lunch

Opening Remarks

How to Unlock Mass Participation in DeFi

  • Outlining the key differences between DeFi products, how they differ, interact with and build on traditional financial products, and whether there are any that could bridge over to mainstream use cases? 
  • What is needed for DeFi to be able to withstand industrial grade dollars?
  • Understanding how traditional businesses reconcile, account for and operationally manage their exposure to crypto and DeFi

The Lifestyle of the Anonymous and Pseudonymous: Managing Security and Identity in a Decentralized World

  • Why do users choose to be pseudonymous and should they be hired in real organizations? 
  • What are the security measures needed to authenticate and validate a user or participant to ensure their legitimacy?
  • Is anonymity a red flag for an investable or sustainable project?


Assessing Risk: How to Avoid the Next Terra, Olympus or Abracadabra

  • How to better manage risk, identify trustworthy partners and undertake the right due diligence to play in this space
  • Outlining the importance of knowing the end-to-end supply chain of which your company is exposed to
  • What options are available for organizations or individuals compromised by financial crimes, hacking or fraud?

Working Toward Responsible Regulation in Blockchain

  • Does DeFi present the first real opportunity to shake up regulation?
  • Discussing the best way to engage and collaborate with policy makers to construct the most appropriate and effective regulatory framework for crypto
  • Is there a way to balance libertarianism with ample customer protection?

Opening Cocktail Reception Sponsored by Aptos

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Day 2 -

Opening Remarks

The Current State of Crypto Regulation

  • Analyzing the most recent regulatory discussions, initiatives and / or announcements 
  • Outlining best practice and other examples of intelligent and successful decisions in regulation that appropriately set rules that understand the businesses they govern
  • Highlighting where clarity is needed for the industry to succeed and for broader, mass market adoption

Layer 1s and the Future of Web3: Bringing Blockchain to the Masses

  • Evaluating scalability and security of layer 1s 
  • Dissecting various blockchain USPs, their communities and specific use cases

Networking Break

The Great Divide: CeFi vs. DeFi

  • What can CeFi learn from DeFi and vice versa?
  • How can CeFi and DeFi work together? What does the convergence of the two or a blended model look like? 
  • What challenges do tradfi face scaling decentralized applications and what is the best process for onboarding crypto native partners?

A World Based on Consensus: DAOs & the Future of Organizational Design

  • How do you define a DAO? 
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of DAOs as organizational design?
  • What are the most and least successful examples of DAOs?

Networking Lunch

The 5th Asset Class: Evaluating Crypto within Financial Markets

  • Does the current interconnectedness between the performance of digital assets and financial markets indicate that it presents limited risk diversification? 
  • Dissecting the importance of interoperability across asset classes
  • What is needed from a governance, systems and infrastructure perspective to stabilize crypto and elevate our current financial market?
  • Do ETFs provide a vehicle for greater market participation and what are the benefits of investing via ETFs versus actual crypto?

Crypto Tax & Accounting: Bridging the Idealistic with the Realistic

  • Discussing the nuances of token accounting and tax requirements
  • Exploring financing and accounting best practice for onchain activity
  • How to show a full and realistic picture of liquidity?

Getting to Yes: How Normies Successfully Enter Crypto

  • How are institutions evaluating the market opportunity of adding crypto against their risk appetite and compliance requirements 
  • What is the role of FIs in crypto and what are some good examples of this?
  • Examining how to get internal buy-in and regulatory approval to effectively roll-out and adopt a crypto strategy across an organization

Networking Break

Tokengated Commerce: Unlocking Brand Loyalty

  • Why brands are using NFTs and what this means for the future of retail and marketing 
  • Identifying best practice for utilizing NFTs and Web3 as a new revenue stream

Closing Remarks

Networking Cocktail Reception

After Party

Day 3 -

Opening Remarks

Crypto: The Engine for Inclusion

  • How does crypto facilitate financial inclusion particularly within developing countries?
  • What are the current barriers to usage and adoption?
  • How do you incorporate crypto into existing UX and ensure seamless and ubiquitous experience across apps and platform

The Convergence of Web2 & Web3

  • Will Web3 replace Web2 or can they work in tandem?
  • Predicting what Web2 applications will be replaced by newly emerging d’Apps and decentralized services 
  • Discussing the importance of an integrated and frictionless user experience independent of the underlying technology

Stablecoins vs. CBDCs: Same, Same, but Different

  • Can CBDCs and Stablecoins coexist?
  • Are the roll-out of CBDCs imminent?
  • If algorithmic stablecoins fail, can stablecoins survive?


Infinite Assets: NFTs beyond the JPEG

  • Exploring the expansion of the NFTs to other asset classes and where the space is heading to next 
  • Discussing the potential everyday uses of the NFT; ticketing, digital identity, proof or certificate of authenticity
  • How are NFTs and DeFi interacting to enable gaming with true ownership and portability of virtual assets

Closing Remarks

Grab & Go Lunch + Aspen Activities: Ebikes & Paddleboards

*Agenda subject to change.